Cutting through the noise in today’s media landscape – an ongoing series 

As most of the western world begins to embrace increased freedom, we’ve seen major changes in how we live and work. This has had a real impact on sustainability, which has become one of the key rising trends in the media landscape.   

In the latest edition of our monthly media insights series, we dive into some of the recent headlines and key discussion topics, as well as shining a spotlight on executing a successful executive profiling opportunity, and the primary success factors involved.   

This month, we’ve launched our fresh new TikTok account, going under the hood as to life at Hotwire. Our marketing team has been developing new video content to share on the platform, with videos shining a light on Hotwire’s culture and people – from exploring thoughtful working practices to answering questions around the world of communications. If you want to see more, check out HotwireGlobal on TikTok 

What’s new in the technology media landscape?   

Sustainability has risen in the news agenda over the past month, in the run up to COP26. We’re seeing news outlets gearing up their editorial teams to cover the key takeaways from the event, as well as the wider stories that emerge.  

Notably, City AM has set up a dedicated page for COP 26, which will be covering news articles and opinion pieces. The go to media contacts at the publication for anything COP26 related seem to be reporters Millie Turner and Edward Thicknesse – definitely something to keep in mind for any upcoming sustainability stories!  


There have also been a lot of wider journalist moves announced over the past month, with editorial teams switching their line up as we move into the Autumn months. We’re also hearing of more and more journalist teams returning to the office, as well as being open to in-person meetings and interviews. Now is the prime time to book in some client briefings and media meets!  


  • Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent, is leaving the BBC in late October 

  • Jim Armitage was appointed Business Editor at The Sunday Times 

  • John Collingridge is leaving The Sunday Times to join The Guardianas the Business Editor 

  • Dan Milmo has been appointed Global Technology Editor at The Guardian 

  • Nic Fildes has been appointed Australia and Pacific Correspondent for the Financial Times 

  • Parmy Olson has been appointed as a Technology Correspondent at Bloomberg Opinion 

  • Arvind Hickman has been appointed Media Editor atCampaign 

  • Samuel Osborne is leaving The Independent to join Sky News as a News Reporter 

  • Jessica Newman has been appointed market report at The Times 

  • James Warrington is leaving City AM to join the Business team at The Daily Telegraph


  • Sophie Gallagher has announced she is leaving her role as Deputy Lifestyle Editor of The Independent 

  • Tara Evans has been appointed as the Head of Consumer at The Sun 

  • Natalie Morris has been promoted to Deputy Lifestyle Editor of Metro UK 

Top tech stories of the month 

  1. It’s no surprise that TV and film streaming went through the roof during lockdowns over the past 18 months. Now, as we return to a sense of normality, we’re seeing research emerge around the extent of the nation’s streaming habits. Ofcom revealed this month that UK adults spent nearly a third of their waking hours watching TV and online video content in 2020, while Deloitte’s Consumer Trends Survey highlighted a surge in streaming amongst the older generations, with the number of consumers aged between 65 to 75 with access to video streaming subscription rising from 36% in 2020 to 57% this year. As digital activity booms, technology providers will need to ensure they can continue to provide reliable connectivity and optimised cybersecurity for our nation’s streamers.  

  1. The UK National Cyber Security Centre shared some new password advice this month, as reported by The Guardian. The team of security experts revealed that it is much better to create passwords for online accounts that are made up of three random words as opposed to creating complex variations of letters, numbers and symbols. With online security playing an increasingly vital role in our everyday lives, this advice is certainly one to take note of!  

  1. In another industry shift towards digital offerings, this month the BBC reported that by 2025 all landline telephones will switch to an internet-based connection instead of a traditional, copper-wire landline. While this is a promising step towards improving digital connectivity, the decision has sparked concerns for the millions of elderly and vulnerable, and those in rural communities, who are said to rely on the current landline service. According to Ofcom, roughly 1.5 million homes do not have access to the Internet, and closing this connectivity gap will be crucial if this switch to internet landline technology is to be successful.    

What you need to know about… Executive Profiling Opportunities 

Why conduct executive profiling?  

Prime for brands looking transform their audience, narrative and reach, they should consider tapping into a broader bench of spokespeople. Adding that visionary voice from the leadership / c-suite team means you can use two different voices to target a broader section of the media and audiences. It also aids in positioning the brand, as challengers or game changers within a given industry and voice their opinions on what is happening and/or needed, lining up to speak about the brand: ‘who we are?’  and ‘why are we relevant?’ 

How to conduct executive profiling...  

When it comes to executive profiling opportunities, depth is crucial. You need to dig deep and show personality and take the journalist (eventually the reader) behind the scenes of the people leading a business/brand. There is no such thing as too much detail here.   

Here are a couple of top tips and key ingredients for success:  

  • Don’t be afraid for the pitch to be long!  

  • Pitch should drive an emotional connection - personal drivers, lessons learnt, challenges faced 

  • Think of the pitch, as an emotive elevator pitch for the company - whilst trying to engage with your family friend that does not understand your job/industry  

  • Include “about me” facts - personal history, education, background, upbringing etc 

  • View as a pitch to sell in primarily the spokesperson and secondary the company  

  • Think about why should “Joe Blogs” care and read the piece, what will they learn or will they be inspired? 

  • Combine industry trends, with company mission/vision and executives personal drivers 


If you would like to find out more about how tech brands can cut through the noise in today’s media landscape, please get in touch !