You have probably seen in the headlines recently that more companies are talking about wellbeing. It’s no surprise, given the rollercoaster we’ve all been through in the last 18 months. Thanks, Covid…

In June, the dating app Bumble gave employees a paid week off to try and allow staff to recover from burnout. Presumably, this was a success (at least in terms of PR), as they have since announced this will be permanent – along with more paid holiday for employees.

One brand that also seems to be leading the way is London based fintech Monzo Bank. Recently, they announced paid leave for employees and their partners affected by a miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion. Similar to bereavement leave, these awfully painful situations have long been overlooked in the workplace. Bumble also now offer a minimum of six months paid leave following the birth, adoption, or surrogacy of a child.

 A number of office wellbeing features are often promoted on Monzo’s LinkedIn too. Showing the ‘real’ employee experience is something many brands have tried and failed to hit the mark with, but Monzo seem to have found the right balance.  A favourite of mine recently was the sign in their toilets (yes, you read that correctly… stay with me!) This supportive poster may seem like a gimmick or cliché to some, but I’m sure the majority of us who have been in those situations would have really appreciated these small words of support. It’s not changing the world, but it might change someone’s day, and that’s important.

They also have a Prayer Room and a Parents Room to help everyone feel like they belong and have the space they need. Similarly, it’s in Hotwire’s DNA to help employees work in whatever space suits them. We embraced thoughtful working long before Covid forced us all to stay at home. Now restrictions have eased, those who wish to can return to our London office. As someone who was keen to take advantage of this (having started remotely during the pandemic), it’s been wonderful to spend time with colleagues in person!

A third and final example, for now, is Monzo’s ‘working with me’ document. Have you ever been working with a colleague that you just can’t seem to understand? Every message seems to get your back up, or you dread awkward Zoom calls? Rather than going through this frankly tedious and painful experience, why not take a proactive step to help your work relationships by sharing a short profile on what you’re good at, what you need help with, and what your stressors are. I recently took the step of writing this profile and – whilst I felt a bit awkward about sending it – got lots of positive messages in return. I learned more about my colleagues – for instance, those who like an emoji on a slack message to reassure them you’ve seen it - so, I encourage you to think about how this could work for you too.

At Hotwire, all employees have DiSC training when they join to help us as individuals better understand how we work best with others, and openly share that with our teams. We encourage all employees to make a note of their DiSC profile in their slack profile – so any new contacts can easily learn a bit about you.

Got any other wellbeing initiatives your organisation is doing and want to spread the word? I’d love to hear more! Email me or DM @elinor_gh.

P.S. If you’re interested in working with a communications consultancy that champions employee wellbeing, check us out! Or if you’re looking for your next role and like the sound of working for us, check out our open roles! We’d love to hear from you.