Hotwire Marketing offer Account Based Marketing services for enterprises and start-ups alike

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has an agreed definition and clear terms of use, It should be deployed accordingly. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic marketing approach that treats the customer account of an enterprise or start up as a market of one (or few). The purpose of ABM is to generate effective communications to reach key stakeholders within that account – driving engagement, interest and ultimately sales. ABM is categorised into three tiers:

  • 1-to-1 ABM which is a dedicated focus on a company’s most important accounts or target customers. Often characterised as ’must win’ or ‘must defend’ account(s). This sales and marketing led approach creates a dedicated campaign that targets a large account in order to drive results.

For example if IBM were to target Barclay’s Bank with a dedicated marketing programme to reach the Group Chief Technology Officer Sameer Jain and get him to utilise IBM Watson for customer data analysis, this would be considered a 1-1 ABM campaign.

  • 1-to-Few ABM is an industry or sector led approach that focuses on a company’s most important verticals e.g. manufacturing, retail or financial services Accounts are targeted in this approach that have significant growth potential. Typically no more than 10-15 accounts per vertical.

For example if IBM were to target the UK’s biggest high street banks including HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group and Natwest using one value proposition and a range of marketing material that showcases their solutions, this would be considered a 1-Few ABM campaign.

  • 1-to-Many ABM also referred to as ‘programmatic’ focuses on a large range of accounts in clusters. This can include a cluster of similar interests, similar challenges and. similar sectors that ranges from 50 – 100 accounts

Focused campaigns across accounts which share common industry challenges that can be messaged using programmatic or display advertising, reaching accounts across a platform like DemandBase or LinkedIn Display to engage them with an account-focused campaign using single value proposition. This approach can often surface interested accounts that show intent which in turn then move up into 1-to-Few or 1-to-1 ABM streams.

Hotwire Marketing consider ourselves to be ‘tech agnostic’ and can deploy a range of tools to deliver the best ABM campaign for your business and although we do have partnerships set up with selected providers, we also work with our clients to optimise their existing marketing technology stack.

Hotwire Marketing work with leading ABM technology providers to ensure we generate the best intelligence and overall campaign results, exceeding industry return on investment benchmarks of 1-30+.