Last year, Apple announced changes to its Identifier for Advertisers. Fast-forward eight months and the “war on ad-tracking” is in full swing.

At the moment, there seems to be confusion around the new policies and many third parties are using loopholes to identify users who do not give their consent. In fact, the Financial Times saw an email in which a vendor told its clients it had managed to continue collecting data on over 95% of its iOS users.

Critics are saying that Apple’s efforts might backfire if it continues to allow these type of practices. This could happen. Think of Google back in 2018, and the several lawsuits it had to face after it was exposed for tracking users’ location even after they denied consent.

However, while the likes of Apple are most certainly responsible for the protection of data, advertisers and marketers are too. As new regulations come into place, everyone must respect consumers’ wishes.

Today, marketers need to focus on finding and developing new ways to engage with their audience. It won’t be an easy task, but the industry has reinvented itself before and it can do it again. Looking for loopholes should not be the new norm – respecting user privacy is not optional.