Cutting through the noise in today’s media landscape – an ongoing series

Just as the media landscape is constantly changing, so is the corporate landscape. Whether through an IPO, merger or acquisition, knowing how to successfully communicate corporate strategies is vital.  

This is particularly true for Hotwire this month, following its recent acquisition of McDonald Butler Associates (MBA), a UK-based sales and marketing agency specialising in account-based marketing (ABM), industry marketing and channel and alliances!

In the third edition of our monthly media insights series, we dive into what you need to know about mergers & acquisitions from a media strategy perspective, as well as shining a spotlight on this month’s top news across the technology media landscape.  

What’s new in the technology media landscape?

Across the media landscape this month, sustainability and environmental impact has been a key trend and we’ve seen a number of new platforms surface, each with the goal of promoting environmental issues. These will definitely be ones to consider when pitching sustainability-related stories in the future!   

  • The Times have launched Times Earth, a new digital channel to showcase climate and environment coverage to help highlight and inform readers on one of the great challenges facing the planet.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live will be launching ‘Leeds: City on a Mission’, this summer. It will be a series of monthly broadcasts presented by Rachel Burden, following the city as it strives to reach net zero carbon emissions by its ambitious target of 2030.
  • BBC Radio 4 ‘The World Tonight’ will introduce a daily climate change update, keeping UK listeners well informed of climate change issues with the latest news and analysis in the run up to COP26.


  1. This month, The Times Magazine named Jane Mulkerrins as assistant editor. Jane will be responsible for looking after features and interviews across the publication, and will be working on major profile pieces, as well as the regular ‘What I've Learnt’ section. Definitely one to keep an eye on for exec profiling opportunities!
  2. Zoe Woods has been reporting on retail at The Guardian for over a decade, and this month it was announced that she’ll be branching out into Consumer Affairs too. Zoe is set to cover the publication’s consumer affairs beat following the departure of Rebecca Smithers earlier this year, and so will remain a key contact for stories around consumer goods and regulations.
  3. The Telegraph welcomes Joe Pinkstone to its editorial team this month as the publication’s new science correspondent. This move follows Joe’s time Science & Technology Reporter at the Mail Online, and we’re sure he’ll still be on the lookout for breaking tech stories across our client base.

 Top tech stories of the month

  1. Earlier this month, the Queen made her annual speech, outlining the government’s priorities for the coming year – and we were pleased to see technology taking a prominent seat at the table this year! The BBC digested the announcement for its readers, which included: extending 5G mobile coverage and introduce new safety standards for digital devices, new requirements on tech giants to tackle harmful and illegal content online, and new legal duties on telecoms firms to increase network security and restrict the use of "high risk" technology.
  2. The news of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack linked to the DarkSide group hit the global news agenda this month, as reported by The Guardian. Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest pipeline operators in the United States, was forced to close down operations and freeze IT systems, wreaking havoc across global fuel supplies. It has now been revealed that the company paid $4.4m ransom to the hackers, resurfacing the debate in the cybersecurity space around whether paying ransoms is the best option, or whether it will continue to fuel the ransomware industry?
  3. As the travel industry reopened this month, the Financial Times reported that the EU is set to open its doors this month to fully vaccinated travelers. However, these new EU rules are dependent on the successful launch of a planned vaccine passport. As of yet, there’s no international electronic system for proof of vaccination, so it’ll be interesting to see how this is developed quickly and successfully, while keeping data privacy and security front of mind.

What you need to know about… Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

This month, it seems fitting to focus our key learnings and considerations on M&As - following Hotwire’s very own acquisition of McDonald Butler Associates (MBA)!

  • Fact check everything: From your press release, internal comms, FAQs, media pitches and of course published articles.
  • Prepare your messaging: Media training your spokesperson and prepare an internal and external FAQ with the key messages to ensure they land with all audiences.
  • Fee / monetary value is key - media will cover large-scale M&A activity as it’s a major indicator of where markets are moving / industry trends; however, nationals often require a monetary figure. 
  • Ensure to communicate, to all parties in the right order: investors, employees, customers, industry analysts, media, social channels. Internal communications are essential because transparency and clarity in times of change is key to minimising the spread of false information.
  • Move fast: Once you have the greenlight, you need to move quickly. Prioritise your list of tier one targets, offering exclusives with deadlines for responses.

If you would like to find out more about how tech brands can cut through the noise in today’s media landscape, please get in touch!