The summer of sports has officially started with the Euros kicking off at the weekend. And many brands and marketers are eagerly awaiting to see how the Euros turn out to then adapt campaigns around other sporting events accordingly. Why? This will be the first sporting event being held within the “new normal” and current rules with reduced crowds, rather than behind closed doors. So many are waiting to see whether fans will still be as engaged at home on digital and social as they would be at the pub and at the matches themselves.

Mediocean partnered with GWI to reveal research to demonstrate that brands exploring the new ways to engage fans across screens during the Euros will be providing the right experience for their audience. They found that compared to the average sports fan, Euro fans are 61% more likely to watch sports online every day, UK Euro fans are 40% more likely than the average fan to message people during events and the most used apps by European fans are WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. This sort of insight could be utilised by retail and e-commerce brands like Shopify to connect with this audience or the likes of Adobe in supporting how sporting brands can create valuable content for the Euros.

What this really shows us though, is that fans are still not letting any restrictions hamper their passion. They will always find a way to watch the game and talk about it with others; they have adapted their behaviour. And this sort of shift doesn’t just apply to the Euros, it applies to all sporting events as well as outside the world of sports. So brands and marketers need to be acting now and creating integrated campaigns across different formats and channels that are in line with this shift. By doing that they will be able to establish more connections with their customers and open up more opportunities.