Cutting through the noise in today’s media landscape – an ongoing series

The media landscape has faced colossal shifts over the past year. Editorial offices have shut as we all moved to working from home. Events which formed pinnacle moments in the editorial calendar were cancelled and the news agenda was dominated by major topics linking to the pandemic. Retail uncertainty, digital transformation, government regulation and business ‘survive or die’ were central topics in the media agenda.

With so much change , finding the right approach for media relations needs careful thought. And another shift is coming as we creep out of lockdown measures both in the UK and globally.

We’ll be sharing monthly updates to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the ever-evolving media landscape. These insights aim to help inform your media strategy and make sure your projects cut through and stand out.

What’s new in the technology media landscape? 

  1. Our friends at Computing launched a brand new podcast series, where the team will be sharing insight on the latest technology news. Check out episode one where they dissect trending tech news stories, from ransomware to Amazon!
  2. In more podcast news, the Financial Times announced the return of its Tech Tonic podcast at the end of February, with the first episodes launching this week. This season will delve into the world of tech innovation, exploring what this new tech-driven world, where we spend more time online that offline, means for us all.
  3. The i made exciting changes, launching a refreshed website design, a number of specified news desks and a major expansion of its news team. With this revamp and line of new reporters in tow, we expect see more reporters covering the B2B Tech news agenda.

Top tech stories of the month

  1.  The Times’  technology correspondent, Tom Knowles, reported on the news that Netflix is beginning to crack down on password sharing. The global streaming giant has been trailing two-factor authentication (2FA) across accounts, in attempt to both to verify account users and to minimise security risks of unauthorised password sharing. While introducing 2FA itself won’t stop password sharing altogether, it’ll add a new layer of friendly friction to Netflix’s subscriptions and help maintain a level of trust amongst its users.
  2. The past month also saw Google reveal that it doesn’t plan to build alternative tracking tools following the phase out of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser from 2022. With these new developments, as reported by Verdict, there’s a chance that large parts of the advertising ecosystem will cease to function as they do today. Digital advertisers will now need to adapt their approaches when gaining insights into user behaviour across the web – such as the type of websites they are visiting.
  3. The budget also hit the headlines, announcing the extension of the stamp duty holiday, as reported in The Daily Express by Connor Coombe-Whitlock. In the world of tech, this was big news for companies across digital payments and mortgages. The impact could play a major part in helping the UK economy to recover from the global pandemic.

What you need to know about... Events/Webinars

We should always, question, ‘is this even a good idea?’ 

Coordinating a successful event relies on several pre-determined expectations. Are you looking for a certain number of attendees? Does the value lie in getting certain key messages out into the public domain? Is it just about boosting brand awareness to a specific audience? Having clear perimeters for what success looks like and what you hope to achieve should help you make an informed choice as to whether hosting an event in the first place is a good idea.

Less is more – Let’s be honest, the Zoom fatigue is real right now. With everyone (including journalists!) reliant on Zoom for the majority of their work and social interactions, media are asking us to avoid unnecessary phone briefings. Less is more, and sometimes a simple and concise email is just as effective as a phone briefing to convey a company update or message. Saving journalists from unnecessary time investment is crucial in today’s climate.  

If you would like to find out more about how tech brands can cut through the noise in today’s media landscape, please get in touch!