Cloud computing supports many daily activities, underpinning everything from email to videoconferencing. We’ve seen this firsthand as many Hotwire clients have embraced cloud enhancements in 2020, such as Adobe its content management product cloud-native and Commvault relaunching its cloud-optimized data management portfolio. This has led to a demand for skilled cloud workers, yet there are not enough people to fill open positions. This issue has escalated in recent months as COVID-19 has made cloud technology even more central for many companies who are trying to digitally transform for today’s remote-first world. Demand from organizations looking to move their processes and applications to the cloud shows no signs of abating into 2021.

This hiring gap shows signs of narrowing thanks to Amazon, which announced a new effort to help retrain 29 million people worldwide with skills for cloud-computing roles. The range of free trainings will help a variety of people, from those seeking entry-level support roles to trained engineers who want to expand their cloud knowledge in areas like machine learning. This opportunity comes at an important time, since just as cloud positions remain open, people in many other industries are facing historic layoffs and furloughs caused by the pandemic and its economic impact.

This announcement looks good for Amazon from a corporate social responsibility standpoint. At the same time, it will also create new workers to fill the needs of partners and customers of its cloud division, Amazon Web Services. Amazon has already seen success in reskilling and upskilling its existing workers to succeed with AWS, which has become one of its key profit drivers. Amazon’s prior success with training and vast resources indicate that this new initiative will prove successful.

Amazon’s announcement opens up a future without constraints on qualified cloud experts, where training leads to opportunities for people and the companies they will work for. This will allow cloud technology to continue its unbridled growth and limitless potential.