When it comes to seeking out new health technology, many older Australians don’t see prevention as better than cure. Even during 2020, only 28% of older Australians used technology to book a health appointment; and more than 65% of this age group did not download the Government’s COVID-19 App.

As you might expect, the current picture is somewhat rosier if we take into consideration the younger demographic, who are more likely to consider Health Technologies as all, or part, of the solution to better health and wellbeing. And, when we consider that currently only 13% of Australian consumers across age bands say they have actively looked for information on a company/technology that is health associated – this starts to take shape as a profoundly meaningful moment to deliver smart messaging, across age brackets, addressing the proven benefits of proactive health behaviours – and the significant advances in technology to deliver those benefits seamlessly.

In a recent study of 1,000 Aussies on preferred health channels, Hotwire and The Leading Edge (TLE) found that, given the older generations’ more reactionary approach to HealthTech, and the awareness and education impact to be made across generations, Marketers will need to deliver considered, coherent messaging around preventative health habits. 

The study referenced involved TLE interviewing 1,000 Australians to set the scene for the unique challenges facing the Australian HealthTech landscape. We’ve created a report, What Australians Want from Health and Technology, to deliver actionable insights, built around Seven Key Principles, across encouraging preventative health habits within HealthTech, as well as additional valuable topics including: Building Audience Trust, Tapping into Health Conscientiousness, Demonstrating Value in HealthTech, Humanising HealthTech, addressing ‘fear of the unknown’ surrounding Data; and How to Test and learn across all principles.

What we’re seeing develop in Australia are a specific set of challenges around the creation of preventative health habits by brands in HealthTech – with different challenges faced by different generations. And while those challenges are diverse, there’s nothing more uniting than our shared goal of good health. To that end, every person, brand and product will need to develop and own their unique narrative, their own take on Health Tech. To define, build and deliver that Narrative will require significant storytelling expertise. Which is where we come in.

Download What Australians Want from Health and Technology: Seven Key Principles of Health Marketing and have a read. Then, let’s talk about how to help your business scale up or step up into the future of HealthTech.