I’d like to believe that me switching from Apple Music to Spotify this year is what led Spotify to be in the top 10 companies in Fortune’s Future 50 index, so let’s go with it. 

If you’re not familiar, the Future 50 index started three years ago when Fortune partnered with management consulting firm BCG to use a proprietary system that analyzes dozens of factors to identify companies with the best long-term growth potential. 

We’re now in year four of the index, and to no one’s surprise, the technology sector is on the rise. This Fortune article notes that more than 50% of Future 50 companies are in the IT, communications, or e-commerce industries, largely due to digital transformation and online shopping trends that spiked due to the pandemic. 

What’s particularly interesting is that seven of the top 10 companies on this list are B2B software businesses. For those of us embedded in the B2B space, is this exciting? Yes. Is this surprising? No! 

Services and solutions provided by B2B companies have been the lifeboats of 2020 for many businesses. Just one example is the need for cloud-computing capabilities that went from zero to 100 at the start of the pandemic for most companies as they adjusted to a remote workforce and virtual everything. The B2B companies that provided the technology and support to make our new remote way of business and life possible were the companies that, in turn, “not only survived but thrived.”  

We’re looking forward to seeing what these Future 50 companies do in 2021 (and how other companies model themselves after them). After all, this list includes companies that are “continually reinventing” – our eyes are peeled for what they do next.