Every December, you can be forgiven that the pace of work is taken a couple of notches down. Advent calendars, mulled wine, a packed Premier League schedule and Die Hard films on the television traditionally signals the end of the year for most of us.

However, on the basis of last week’s acquisition news from the dominant cloud customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Salesforce, who bought Slack for US$27.7 billion, there are signs the cloud computing sector will continue its relentless march into 2021. This deal is one of the largest cloud software acquisitions in history.

In a year of gloomy news cycles, the explosive expansion of services enabled by cloud computing really captured the imagination of entrepreneurs, investors and stock markets. Hotwire client Zoom, who saw a 367% growth in its revenues year-on-year is just one example of how cloud computing underpins these services we love and use on a daily basis.  

Slack should be credited for bringing an engaging Millennial experience to collaboration at work. Salesforce saw the value in making its software and data more appetising for sales and marketing teams worldwide. NetApp’s Chief Technology Evangelist Matt Watts puts it eloquently in the Tech Talks podcast, “The deal reflects the changing world we are in…and integrating a collaborative interface means Salesforce meets the expectations of an accelerated workforce.”

In a year of political change, it will be interesting to see how the regulators will react to this deal as it may show how the Biden administration will behave with the BigTech firms. I wonder how Salesforce’s latest purchase will fare in comparison with its previous acquisitions such as MuleSoft and Tableau? Some expect a clash of cultures between the Slack and Salesforce tribes where the internal and external communications teams will be earning their crust to ensure a smooth integration over time.

Will the latest Salesforce acquisition end up in a happy ending? And will the regulator clamp down on BigTech deals to keep the market more vibrant? What is for certain is cloud computing will spur on even more invention and I am seeing the likes of UK-based virtual events platform Hopin (also backed by Salesforce), Tecton and Fivetran (who strives to make data as reliable and accessible as electricity) use the cloud as a means to improve how we use data and interact with one another.

I’d like to get your take on Slack/Salesforce and if you are a cloud-native service provider who is looking to become the next Slack or, like Salesforce, trying to stay ahead of the market, we have the expertise in supporting your marketing and communications needs globally.

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