There are few things more personal than our health; yet, when it comes to personalised marketing around how to keep us healthy, many Australians are not yet convinced. 

When looking at recent study results from 1,000 Aussies surveyed by Hotwire and The Leading Edge (TLE) on preferred health channels and attitudes towards health marketing, speaking in general terms, millennials can be said to take a pragmatic view. Swapping intimate knowledge of their wellness is seen as par for the course, existing in a world where all online interactions have a quid pro quo expectation of data given vs personal insight gained. 

Yet, we find that’s not the case for older generations. When it comes to their handing over highly personal information, be it around disease management, or topics with a bearing on self-esteem; an online option simply doesn’t carry the assurance of privacy that comes with a healthcare professional, whom older generations still view as the ultimate data custodian.

Irrelevant of age, study results conclude that privacy with respect to medical conditions and security of personal data is a serious concern. In fact, Hotwire and TLE found that the majority of Aussies are uncomfortable with personal data being used to market more appropriate products and services to them. However, many were more open to more general commentary and advice around health-related topics, such as nutrition. 

What’s clear from the results is, when it comes to building Aussie’s trust around personalised HealthTech data; the smart use of personalisation and messaging is key to any successful marketing plan.

The study referenced involved Hotwire and TLE interviewing 1,000 Aussies to set the scene for the unique challenges facing the humanisation of the Australian HealthTech landscape. We’ve created a report, What Australians Want from Health and Technology to deliver actionable insights, built around Seven Key Principles across Addressing ‘fear of the unknown’ surrounding Data, as well as additional valuable topics including: Humanising HealthTech, Building Audience Trust, Tapping into Health Conscientiousness, Encouraging Preventative Health Behaviour, How to Prove Value, and How to Test and learn across all principles.

What we’re seeing develop in Australia are a specific set of challenges around the seamless integration of deeply personal data into meaningful HealthTech offerings – with different challenges faced by different generations. And, while these challenges are diverse, there’s nothing more uniting than our shared goal of good health. To that end, every person, brand and product will need to develop and own their unique narrative, their own take on Health Tech. To define, build and deliver that Narrative will require significant storytelling expertise. Which is where we come in.

 Download What Australians Want from Health and Technology: Seven Key Principles of Health Marketing and have a read. Then, let’s talk about it.