While the term ‘just google it’ has been surpassed in 2020 by ‘you’re on mute’ – it’s hard to avoid the continual trend many Aussies are drawn to - looking to Dr Google for advice on health-related enquiries.

From search engines to wearables and myriad other forms of personal health tracker, we have access to more personal health data than ever before; and we love the vast array of medical advice available at our fingertips.

In a recent HealthDispatch survey, 72% people revealed they’ve turned to Google for medical advice. But this isn’t the surprising thing. It’s the 28% of people who say they’ve never looked to a search engine for advice. Are they incurious, dishonest, or is this a generational difference in relationships with personal health data and ownership?

Keeping things in context, of course there are a vast range of sources, that differ wildly in terms of results. Regardless, it’s a sure bet that, for some of that 72%, Dr Google may have convinced them they’re suffering from any number of very unlikely, and usually incurable, diseases.

In 2020 - the reality is, after a year of global focus on the topic, we are now a world hyper-aware of our health.

On the opposite side of the scale, the recent accelerated transformation of digital healthcare has allowed us greater freedom of access to more trustworthy sources of medical expertise - GP visits via Zoom, home workouts on Youtube and Tracing Apps to monitor the spread of COVID-19, to name but a few. Whether it’s access to Medical Professionals, or monitoring and improvement of our Mental and Physical Health, there’s no doubt that HealthTech is a growing and hugely important resource around the world. As we move to conquering COVID-19 and beyond, there’s no question that it is here to stay.

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