We’re all increasingly aware of the challenges and opportunities that exist for Purpose-led organisations – but how is the technology industry embracing it? At Hotwire we recognise the role that communications play to enable businesses to drive change and become more impactful so decided to start a conversation to better understand where we are today. We invited leaders from some of the world’s most innovative brands, including Microsoft, Dell, Rakuten, Eaton, Bulb and Nutmeg, to come together and discuss their approach to purpose and the journey they’re on.

We first considered how for some their purpose was the foundational element of the business – whether it was baked into business objectives or core to being a certified B Corporation. Comparatively, others are grappling with finding their purpose or making sure it’s being properly pulled through the organisation, which everyone agreed was a critical step in delivering on purpose.

The session continued by looking at how a purpose is articulated, how it works with the existing organisation and how it focusses the business moving forward. Here the group shared examples and noted the importance of authenticity, leadership and culture, as well as some of the challenges being faced – including sometimes simply not knowing where to start.

Finally, we explored how companies are looking at realising value from purpose, from the significance of doing it well to the cost of doing it badly, and what real-life business benefits are being realised today. With the group aligned on the belief that we all need to support one another to progress the industry, business and society, the session ended with an open invitation to continue the conversation by sharing any challenges and discussing possible solutions as a purpose collective. This developed some interesting opportunities for future collaboration and partnerships which should help inform strategies and drive change as we all look to act, engage and do business differently moving forward.

We'll be sharing key takeaways from the roundtable in our upcoming report on the era of corporate purpose. If you’d be interested in receiving this, being involved in future roundtables and collaborative sessions or would like a conversation about how we can help you on your journey please get in touch.