A number of companies are preparing to never go back to the office. Earlier this week, CNN Business’ Alexis Benveniste published a piece listing a number of top tech companies that are planning to potentially keep their workforce at home for good, including the likes of Okta, Dropbox and Facebook.  

Of course, these conversations have been swirling for weeks at this point. But it does continue to raise an interesting opportunity for many of the players we’ve talked about that make up Hotwire’s Hierarchy of Stay-at-Home NeedsNow’s not the time to rest on your laurels – it’s time to think about the products, features and solutions that our growing remote and hybrid-remote workforce are going to need to be the most productive and efficient – and innovate to make them a reality.  

Just last week, Hotwire supported our client Zoom in hosting its first ever virtual Zoomtopia event where they announced several new features to help evolve the future of work and communicationsZoom Apps, one of the features announced during the event, puts a number of productivity and collaboration applications at the fingertips of Zoom users, allowing them to be more efficient throughout their entire meeting workflow. Think easy document collaboration with Dropbox or capturing status updates via Asana and easily sharing with the full team – all right within the Zoom platform. 

It’s exciting to see tech companies take into account our new work processes, flows and norms and deliver innovations that will ensure the future workplace will offer us all a better experience than the workplace of yesterday – regardless of whether that’s from the home office or company HQ.