I'll confess, I am a McKinsey addict. I could spend my days curled up in a chair, coffee in hand reading the steady flow of thought leadership that flows from its hallowed corridors (or swanky homes these days I guess!)

This latest collection of articles caught my eye bright and early this morning. 'Capturing Value in the Cloud' - a topic that many of our clients are focused on achieving. This resonated with me because we work for some of the most innovative tech leaders in the industry - companies that are driving cloud based digital transformation worldwide.

And that's why it's great to see this collection of articles from McKinsey. At its most basic level, our job as communication consultants is to tell stories. To advise our clients on how best to package their proposition in a way that lands with prospects and customers alike. 

So, if you are in any way involved in taking a cloud based business to market or are interested in the views of possibly one of the most influential C Suite advisors, then this collection of articles is for you. Use it for background. Use it for inspiration. Use it to validate your thinking.  I'm sure your executive suite will be reading it. 

And if you would like to get any help in crafting that cloud business story, then drop us a note. We've the experience, the understanding and the passion you need to deliver communications and storylines that will make your audience, sit up and take action.