Consumer behaviour and technology is a chicken and egg scenario – is consumer behaviour changing in line with the technological advancements, or is tech advancing to keep up with ever-evolving consumer behaviour?

While we might never know the exact answer to this question, consumers are more aware than ever that technology is being built and continually updated based on their behaviour. Specifically, with regards to their data being collected and utilised to create tailored experiences.

In line with consumer behaviour and new regulations such as GDPR, adtech is having to adapt and react, much like Apple did recently by making its Identifier for Advertisers explicitly opt-in for every single app.

In a potential cookie-less world, personalisation is facing challenges. This year’s Ecommerce Expo & Technology for Marketing tried to tackle the issue as The Walt Disney Company and Zenith discussed the angels and demons of personalisation.

Key points of the discussion included:

The relationship

Personalisation means more relevance and greater impact. It gives marketers and consumers the opportunity to build a 1:1 relationship, however, the balance can be tricky. Uninvited personalisation or ignored responses can put the relationship at risk. Ultimately, it’s the nuances of every interaction that needs to handled sensitively.

The creative process

Personalisation can help brands communicate in a way that reflects where a customer is in the marketing funnel. However, when personalising, creative production is impacted. Brands need to assess whether the creative production can meet the several requirements of the consumer journey.  If meeting the requirements is not feasible, then brands need to work on producing creative that holds the right message but doesn’t depend too much on personalisation.

Adtech and data governance 

The good news is that consumers expect personalised experiences so personalisation can benefit all parties involved. Marketers can reach consumers more efficiently and effectively, while customers are served a message based on relevant next steps in their journey. However, it takes a lot of elements to build a fully functional, personalised ecosystem.

Adtech that enables personalisation while simultaneously protecting users’ privacy is vital for a seamless customer experience that benefits both customers and brands. To achieve this we need centralised, clear processes that everyone agrees to and follows.