Amid the global pandemic, a surge of new needs bubbled up as the world was catapulted into the unknown. B2B technology companies came to the table with solutions to help us ease into our new normal and a group of investors took note. 

In a recent Crunchbase article, Tomy Han, principal at Volition Capital; David Blumberg, founder and managing partner of Blumberg Capital; and Richard Wong, general partner at Accel, gave their take on the few sectors that they believe are poised for substantial growth, especially in our new era of work from home. These include:

  • Security: Covering endpoints like cellular devices and laptops
  • Supply chain visibility: How people buy has shifted to online
  • Health care: telemedicine, with attention on COVID-19, ongoing medical care
  • Collaboration and virtual workforce: remote work connectivity

For the purpose of this piece, let’s put a lens on what David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital had to say on the idea of collaboration and virtual workforce, where the key necessity is the ability to connect. 

While working from home was always on the radar, it wasn’t until recently that we tested our limits on how achievable the concept was in practice and at mass scale. Along the way companies like Avaya, Zoom, Cisco and others took on a major role in powering virtual workforces and ensuring employees remained in contact and connected. Enterprise-grade software, once only accessible to the largest businesses also extended down to small and mid-size companies, and will only become more ubiquitous through the increased adoption of digital. 

The stay-at-home economy is here to stay (pun intended), which is made even more evident as Blumberg also noted in the article that there is substantial movement in the sector towards businesses that are focused on “connecting, communicating, coordinating and optimizing in a flexible manner.”

I think we’ve all tested our ability to be flexible during the past six months and it’s hard to say what the coming six months have in store for us. But if anything is apparent, it’s that the B2B technology sector is working overtime to drive us forward and we’re keeping an eye on where the companies within the sector will take us.