If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that the novel coronavirus has driven mass awareness on the impact of a pandemic and the economy. 2020 has completely changed the world we live in and it seems like big tech companies have taken wind of a new potential market rising from this event - LG is first to make the move with air-purifying face masks.

My initial reaction was to gawk at the idea of such an announcement. It seemed a bit over the top, but after some reflection, I’m surprised more tech companies haven't announced similar products yet. The pandemic has made it clear that we aren’t going back to the world we once lived in, and with consumer awareness on personal health and disease prevention at an all-time high, there's going to be further demand for products that will keep us safe and healthy.

While the company seemingly goes out of its way not to mention COVID-19 in its press release, it’s safe to say the announcement was made in response to what we're facing. A smart move from LG, and while it won't necessarily see mass adoption right away, it’s setting up the foundation for the desire and future need of such a product, especially when things will be far from over even after we’ve nipped COVID-19 in the bud. Who knows when we might have to deal with something like this again in the future?

I think we should expect more companies to join in and look into this market, and with a virtual CES just right around the corner, I won’t be surprised if there are a number of product innovation announcements that have been developed in response to the pandemic. And why not? We all want to make sure that we never need to relive the struggles of 2020 again. Big tech companies that are making an effort to create a safer place - well, that’s a win in my books.