Earnings season is well underway and up this week were some big retail brands. It's no surprise that those out front are brands have embraced today's stay-at-home economy and enable the remote evolution that we're all living. 

Long-time retail analyst Dana Telsey believes there is still plenty of runway left for retailers, especially those in electronics, athleisure and home improvement.   

This comes as consumers look to add new devices to bolster our connectivity and wifi access at home, update our wardrobes to match our new work, play, live-at home dress code and DIY our way through backyard improvements and multi-purpose dining room / home office / workout studio upgrades.  

Brands that are in it for the long-haul, have to continue to adapt their marcom approach. This starts with a corporate story that is more sophisticated, differentiated and contextual than ever before. A narrative that has the ability to resonate, in an authentic way, with a broad range of audiences - from shareholders and investors to partners and buyers. 

In the coming weeks, I look forward to watching quarterly results and the conversation around companies like Nike and others who have embraced this brand challenge head on.