The idea of livestreaming your favorite TV show, a sporting event or actively e-gaming via livestream is not new – at this point, it’s inherent. Streaming media online that’s simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time has drastically impacted the way we consume, engage and experience in-demand content – creating evolving consumer trends and behaviors overtime.

While it may be less known and widespread, at least in the US, livestream shopping is one to watch out for. With a $4.4 billion market as of 2018 in China and a reach of half a billion people, (62% of the country’s internet users), livestream video shopping is gaining traction.

As we continue to face stay at home and social distancing restrictions across the country and consumers’ comfort and safety concerns vary, e-commerce continues to be a mainstay shifting consumers shopping behaviors. Does this present a prime opportunity for livestream shopping to appeal to a post pandemic generation and audience segments?

Nowadays, leveraging technology to better enable customer experience and bringing said experiences directly to where users are is how brands are differentiating and surviving. While browsing in stores continues to take the backseat, social media platforms and tech giants like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon and Instagram have upped their shopping ante for users – this is no different for livestream shopping.

At this point the trend has predominately hit Western luxury brands, but as we continue to navigate our current reality, especially in the run up to the holiday season, it’s an interesting trend to follow. The concept is attracting not only e-commerce shoppers, but also those who traditionally shopped in-person.