While Instagram is largely known for sharing photos & videos, memes, news and puppy content, the app is ramping up its efforts in the social commerce space with the launch of its new dedicated Shop page. Rolling out in the U.S. first, the dedicated Shop page is bringing shopping to consumers’ fingertips with personalized recommendations and in-app purchasing ability.

It’s no secret that since COVID-19 everyday activities from the way we live, work, exercise and most relevant in this case shop, have evolved tremendously. From brick & mortar and e-commerce and social commerce, brands are finding they must adapt to new trends and consumer behaviors in order to remain competitive. This move from Instagram demonstrates taking steps to bring products to where consumers are and making their experience seamless.

So how does an IG user shop till they drop in-app? Quick overview:

  • The Shop page will live under the Explore tab and highlight different brands and items for purchase
  • Facebook Pay will be available for shopping purchases and donations, allowing users to insert most debit or credit card information into the app and save it to easily share money. This means users don’t have to exit the app or constantly return their payment information to buy something.

Instagram is certainly meeting consumers where they are, which is in their app, which aligns with consumer behavior focusing on enhanced digital experiences and convenience.

While the pandemic continues to evolve, predictions and trends around consumer behavior will continue to take shape and it’s up to brands, retailers and marketers to adjust accordingly. For advice and insights around retail today and retail tomorrow, visit our Retail HOTLine for more.