Last week saw AMEC host its first ever virtual summit drawing in around 250 passionate measurement types from around the world. 

The attendees enjoyed presentations from a variety of speakers ranging from The World Bank, VisitBritain, Microsoft and OKCupid. There's much to be taken from the sessions but one key element that deserves to be called out straight away was the launch of the Barcelona Principles 3.0. 

These underpin everything that AMEC stands for and provide the blueprint to the industry's thinking around measurement. 

In this AMEC blog post, Ben Levine, Director & Partner, TRUE Global Intelligence and AMEC Board Director, explains the importance and relevance of the Barcelona Principles 3.0.  

If you are in PR and communications at any level - whether agency side or client side, then an understanding and familiarity of these principles is an absolute prerequisite. 

At Hotwire, we've long abided by the Barcelona Principles and have embedded this latest thinking in our worldwide strategic framework for clients. It's at the heart of our business and drives our maniacal focus on delivering measurable outcomes and business impact for all our clients.

Click through on the quote to reveal the seven key principles or click here to download the AMEC Barcelona Principles 3.0 presentation directly.