Music was a passion and a part of my life from a very early age. I started out on piano but the last fifteen years has been dominated by choral singing.  I have probably sung in the Royal Albert Hall a dozen times now and, as a Bass in the City of London Choir, I have even been part of a chart-topping recording of the Nation’s Favourite Xmas Carols, commissioned by Classic FM.

Three years ago, I had the idea of finding all the musical talent within Hotwire and I created a band called The Borderless Thinkers, which now performs every year at our annual company Bootcamp.  My band has members from every country where we have an office. It keeps on growing and I am now more famous within Hotwire for the band than as CFO!  

In March 2020 the City of London Choir fell silent for the first time since 1963 and we are now lobbying the Government hard alongside every other arts organisation to get back on the stage.

Back at Hotwire, The Borderless Thinkers were meant to be on the stage in New York in a couple of weeks but we are moving online to perform virtually like seemingly every other musician right now.

Music breaks barriers and builds relationships like nothing else I know.  At Hotwire, music has contributed a huge part to our culture and in these very strange times we won't look back in anger, we will definitely continue to “Let the Music Play”.