The past twelve weeks have been extraordinary. We've all faced challenges - both professional and personal - that we could never have imagined. So as we start to see a light at the end of tunnel albeit one tinged with the dark hues of recession, what should we be doing to adapt communications to the new realities of business in a post-Covid world?

As always, those smart people over at the Harvard Business Review have published a free article that provides some valuable top line advice as to how organisations should take time to reassess their business models as a consequence of the global impact of Covid.

And as we review the four steps that HBR outlines, we can't help but apply the model to the way organisations should be thinking about their communication plans.

Changes in customer demand require us to review audience groups and personas. Does your value proposition still fit for your target customer in the future and if not, are you planning on a fundamental review of all elements of how you show up to customers? 

And in that vein, how does our new working world impact our sales and marketing approach - HBR calls this value demonstration. And finally, how has Covid impacted your organisation's capability to drive value to its customers? And what impact does this have on the way you communicate with that all important audience?

These are questions that should be uppermost in every strategic communicator's mind right now.  We are all hustling to ensure our businesses are fully prepared for what lies ahead so taking some time to reflect on the areas highlighted by HBR and to think about how this aligns to communications, is time well spent.