Someone once told me that the holes in Crocs, the middle-class's favoured aerated footwear, was where your dignity slipped out while wearing them….well who's laughing now? Q1 sales of Crocs in the US alone are up almost $20M YoY and its Google search volume has reached a 15 year high as the global lockdown caused by the Corona virus drives new trends in buying habits.

A chance purchase and Insta post from a fashion editor kicked off a chain of similar posts from influential types, instantly repositioning the comfy foam clogs from the type of mundane Dad-wear seen at the local DIY superstore on a Sunday morning, to the must-have accessory to be worn while perfecting your artisan vegan sourdough recipe.

A single social post wasn't responsible for such a huge increase in sales of course, but it is reflective of the culmination of a series of other trends which have been accelerated by the chaos of the much maligned global pandemic. If you normally spend your life documenting street art, hand-crafted ristrettos or your journeys through epic landscapes, what on earth do you do when confined to the four walls of your house in lockdown? You become a Hipsteader of course. You crochet your way into a range of new skills, bringing a boom to the seed, flour and wool industries while you're at it.

"But you're a B2B guy, Matt…stay in your lane". 

OK, the point I'm making is that Crocs, Miracle-Gro, Wayfair and Etsy (all stocks on the up and up) are making the most of new market opportunities for their comms, social and digital marketing. Just because they are B2C companies doesn't mean that the world of B2B can't do the same.

Wondering which thought leadership topics you should be rapidly taking advantage of? Look no further. Our very own expert, Martin Sparey, from the UK's B2B Tech team has pulled together his top picks, using experience from likes of Zoom and Citrix as well as disruptive businesses further afield like Echo.

Enjoy…then give us a bell if you want our help to see around the next corner.

(Crocs not mandatory.)