CX platforms allow brands to understand a customer’s experience along every step of their journey.

But if the insight gained is used to increase sales; for instance by enabling business to make changes to their products and to improve their touch points, we can wonder what the role of CX platforms is as we face unprecedented times and spending falls.

Indeed, the uncertainty and seriousness of the current situation has driven brands to pivot from a sales oriented approach to a brand focused one. So, how can CX platforms benefit your business at this time?

Feedback collected from CX platforms will help companies

  • Prioritize products that matter for their customers
  • Create meaningful content in the most viewed sections of their website
  • Strengthen the relationship with existing customers by improving their overall experience

And to go further, some CX platforms such as UserTesting have developed a resource centre to help brands navigate Covid-19. The UsterTesting Covid-19 Human Insights Portal gathers information and insight on how to adapt strategies and stay connected with customers by focusing on what matter to them.

It’s also important to take the time to reflect on your communications and more specifically your tone both with an external and internal audience. Showing empathy and authenticity, avoiding confusion and conveying a sense of stability is crucial at this time. At Hotwire, we have created the HotComms toolkit to help build the right skills to meet the new challenges our client face: re-prioritising marcomms plans, handling issues and switching from physical to digital activities for example. Let us know what you think.