The media landscape, economic stability and our community is evolving every day. While some are feeling disconnected, others have never felt more in tune with their family and home life. We’re all affected in a different way and approach this from a different angle. For some, it brings perspective about what we have and for others it means boarders have closed and potentially long periods away from family and friends. Not to mention those in forced isolation.

The media is telling us how to behave and what rules to follow – but where’s the roadmap to get us past the commotion? For people, I think it’s about going back to the roots of what makes us human and care for one another: kindness, humility and love. 

To organisations, I would say, don’t stop; pivot.

All businesses—from small to enterprise—are trying to figure out the right knee jerk reaction to combating a changing economy and unrecognisable marketplace. Businesses don’t have the time to be told their next step. It’s a learning curve for many people. The largest and most unpredictable learning curve we’ve seen in a while.

While we want to promise the winning formula, and there’s certainly no ‘one size fits all’ approach, here are three tips for how businesses can navigate the future during this unfamiliar time:

  • Pivot to digital. It’s no secret that online tools and resources provide businesses a powerful way to reach their audiences. At this time, however, online platforms matter more than ever before. For many businesses, it’s the only place for businesses to connect with their audience. From podcasts to live streams, virtual conferences and interactive events, content must be curated to reach people via social media, digital marketing and online advertising.
  • Redefine how your business communicates with stakeholders, consumers, employees and the media. Think about your key message, and how you’re going to communicate your business continuity plan. If your business, like many others out there, doesn’t have any experience in communicating during a crisis, now’s the time to get up to speed on how your leadership team can take action.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of planning. Crisis’ are never static, so plans—either long or short—should be adaptable, flexible, and if need be, completely scrapped. Planning for the unknown may feel redundant, but it’s about being prepared in the face of change. Whether it’s planning for how your business will move online, or planning for your business to create new offerings, remember to consider all the variables and be ready to chop and change as required.

Don’t be discouraged if your business decisions or reactions change. Try again to find what works for you. Failures are simply learnings for a successful future.

To help support you along the way, Hotwire has introduced a HotComms Toolkit to help navigate industry change and build the right skills to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.

Do you have a specific topic or question in mind for your brand or business? Let us know and we’ll aim to cover this topic in the coming weeks.