Over the last few months, businesses have had to quickly adapt to the fast-changing climate following the outbreak of COVID-19. With the country in lockdown, all non-essential businesses closing their doors and social distancing measures in place, the world looks a very different place than it did even compared to a few weeks ago.

People are spending more time than ever online, with many working from home and conducting video meetings, to consumers making purchases online and using social media for updates during these unprecedented times.

Social listening platforms can help brands in this situation to better understand their customers and be sure to implement meaningful communications that’s not tone deaf. However, its equally important if not more so to be intuitive and know when to pull back – there are no medals for pushing a message if it’s not helpful or does not strike the right tone.

Audience intelligence tools like Pulsar allow brands to quickly tap into consumer insights, powered by their research team to leverage social data analysis. CEO and co-founder Francesco D'Orazio has launched “Mapping The New Normal”, a research initiative that will explore how our way of life is changing in response to the coronavirus emergency. By tracking social trends and the latest conversation online, brands are able to shift their strategy and use insights to rethink their messaging.

If a fast-food delivery company would run a campaign promoting the best local restaurants in your area, this will only prove to disengage audiences, and be detrimental to the business. However, as news around food shortages and panic-buying emerge, and many restaurants being forced to close or only able to offer food deliveries, by repositioning the campaign as “The top 10 best restaurants delivering to your door” will be much more successful way to connect with audiences. The reality is, people are not able to behave how they normally would and habits have changed. Brands who don’t react quickly will appear out of touch, without a finger on the pulse.

As more people seek out news and instant updates on COVID-19, brands need social listening tools to ensure they’re being sensitive to the current climate, adapting their strategy to meet new consumer demands, and staying relevant.

Now more than ever, the power of listening to audiences is vital for businesses to make quick decisions to meet consumers’ needs throughout this ‘new normal’.