I could not be more thrilled to have been recognised in the Women in FinTech powerlist, next to such inspirational figures leading the disruption of financial services.

Although Fintech has a long way to go to become a diverse industry which can ensure inclusivity for all, right from the founders and their investors down to the end consumer, the support offered by these leading women is like no other I have seen.

This fills me with optimism that Fintech could be the tech industry to lead the way in addressing the gender imbalance problem for the technology industry as a whole and creating the playbook for the broader inclusion off all minority groups.

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, I’d like to take the opportunity to share some of the best advice that I have heard from the following disruptive female voices in Fintech.

Liz Lumley – "Commit to diversity."

An easy way to do that is by signing the Fintech parity pledge, which sets out some simple to follow rules, inc. only speaking at and attending events which are clearly working hard to address diversity on stage.

Louise Beaumont – "Invest your energy wisely."

Choose to invest your time and energy in a company that will allow you to thrive, and give you equal pay as well as equal opportunity. Don’t take it upon yourself to try and fix their problem from the inside.

Marieke Flament –  "Find your cheerleaders."

Build your network of friends, family and partners to create a supportive network that will give you the confidence to grow, take that job and make a difference!

For more pearls of wisdom, tune in to the inaugural F in Fintech podcast to hear from three female CEOs; Marieke Flament, Charlotte Crosswell and Barbara Bates.

And to join Hotwire’s global initiative to tackle the lack of diversity in Fintech; championed by leading women in Fintech on a mission to advance the industry by making it more inclusive for members of all minority groups. Sign up here!