MOVE is the UK’s leading mobility event. As you step through those big ExCeL doors, you’re hit with everything from Formula-E and AI down to Scalextrics and hydrogen powered bicycles. It’s a vibrant and eclectic mix of companies at all stages of maturity.

If there were three main themes, they would be the rise of “Mobility-as-a-Service” – or MaaS as it’s commonly called – computer vision & autonomous vehicles, and how we as a nation become global leaders in electrification.

A Carbon Free Future?

As a self-confessed energy nut I gravitated to the later and was not disappointed.

Both BP and Centrica were present, taking a very holistic approach to de-carbonisation. With transport now officially the largest single sector responsible for carbon emissions, it is their mission – and other energy providers alike – to make a workable business case for a carbon free future.

Naturally, when we’re talking about mobility, we can’t focus solely on the vehicles themselves. The entire value chain of energy supply needs a re-work which is why these energy giants were tackling everything from storage and supply, through to Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) charging that allows EV owners to put energy back into the grid when they’re running a surplus and make money off it!

You really got a sense of the scale of change at hand at MOVE. Mobility, like most if not all industries, is going through a technological and data driven revolution, but here you could really see it all in action, and the genius in the minds behind these driving forces.

Take Bia for example. Its founder, Candace Saffery Neufeld, delivered a short and pithy presentation that made me question how we use EVs completely… Turns out – and it seems obvious in hindsight – that EVs not only cause consumption spikes on the Grid at key times throughout the day, but that these spikes can in fact lead to more dependence on carbon fuels!

But the solution is already here: Data. Combine this with a clear roadmap of working with local authorities, gathering as much data through collaboration with telematics and local fleets to understand demand properly, and then just scale! Everyone – including the planet – benefits.

And Bia wasn’t the only one showcasing how data can completely disrupt an industry. ScaleAI – what a cool name, cool domain, and cool tech! – addressed whole area of computer vision and Natural Language Processing I’d never even thought about, but once pointed out was obvious and invaluable.

Yes, you can find the ludicrous at MOVE – one company I saw was attempting to reinvent the scooter, WHY!? – but you can also find a lot of true genius and hope for a green future.