Video can be a great way to connect with our audiences by creating content experiences that speak directly to them and their interests. At the same time, video is often seen as an exuberant amount of work that comes with a high price tag— an expense that small businesses and startups can’t always afford.

That said, there are many things teams can do to produce video at scale without breaking the bank. It’s all a matter of producing the right type of video to support the right type of objectives. Sometimes a quick-turn video will do just as good as a high-production video, if used in the right way.

Here are some benefits of producing quick-turn video and sample use cases:

Bridge the gap

Quick-turn doesn’t mean less professional, less capable or lower quality output. This type of video can meet your team’s goals if you set the right parameters and expectations, helping bridge the gap between producing scrappy phone video or laptop recording and a full-on production.

We’re in it together

Both client and agency expertise is integral to the success of the end-product — knowing what is needed from both sides upfront will help make the process efficient and thus, quick-turn. Getting to a process that works well for both sides will ultimately make future experiences more seamless.

Fluid use-cases

Quick-turn video production allows for greater flexibility, providing more points of entry. Rather than thinking about video as a big standalone project, start thinking about it as an opportunity to augment existing programs to help achieve your goals. Here are some examples:

  • Sales introductions – Go beyond the traditional team slide and add personality by having each team member introduce themselves on video with fun facts included.
  • Extensive blog post – Make longer content more engaging by recording top-level takeaways at the beginning of the blog for a synopsis.
  • Case studies – Have your client or team lead give a brief overview of the project and results. These types of videos can be re-purposed for social, testimonials and award submissions!
  • Holiday greetings – Send a thank you video to partners and customers for the holidays. What may take 5-minutes to read in an email can be transformed into a 1-2-minute message.
  • Internal communications – Take company announcements to the next level by adding a face to important information.

Remember, video serves as an aid to help get your message across in a more digestible manner and, if done the right way, it doesn’t always have to be a high-production effort. Keep an open mind, look for the right moment, and find a partner that can scale to your needs.

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