There have not been many good stories coming out of Australia in the past few weeks, but through all this devastation, there have been glimpses of hope. From international celebrities donating millions of dollars to small local businesses offering free massages to bushfire victims, there has been an amazing response globally to help those in need.

Social media has been a key driver in promoting these acts of kindness, fuelling others to act.

Having family and friends directly affected by the fires, it’s been hard to watch from afar in Sydney. But seeing my social media accounts flood with GoFundMe pages and strangers promoting their time or services to those in need has put a smile on my face. More than that, it prompts me to ask the vital question: ‘what can I do to help?' 

I know of a 14-year-old girl who donated her holiday spending money to buy dinner for a family affected by the fires at her favourite restaurant – the same place where she would normally be on holidays. This was initiated  and promoted through Facebook.

Campaigns like #emptyesky, encouraging people to visit bushfire affected communities, have been shared and promoted thousands of times on different platforms. Influencers like Turia Pitt are on board, pushing these messages with her own #spendwiththem campaign.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been integral to share these stories of generosity, demonstrating that any cause can tap into social media for good – particularly when the timing is right and message is impactful!

Would we be aware of these acts of kindness without these platforms? And would we be so inspired to act ourselves as a result?