An unsurprising and disappointing list of Academy Awards nominations this year has once again sparked the #OscarsSoWhite trend, following its failure to feature actors from diverse backgrounds and genders. From all the nominees in the four major acting categories this year, Cynthia Erivo is the only person of colour to be recognised with a nomination. And the Best Director category? All male nominees.

Each year, the Academy Awards (or any awards show) is an opportunity to celebrate Hollywood's diverse talent, however this sadly isn't the case this year.

It's also an issue mirrored every day within organisations, especially within the technology sector. Only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women. Why are we recognising the issue, but failing to address it? 

While the answer may not be crystal clear, the solution can be practical and straightforward.

True recognition means looking past the surface, and celebrating the talent and skill it takes to achieve career greatness. 

Will there ever be a day when diversity shines brighter than the Oscar itself? While we wait for the entertainment industry to change its ways, Hotwire is working hard to ensure strong female representation in media by offering free media training to female spokespeople.

Hopefully this time next year we're tweeting #OscarsSoDiverse.