As I prepare to moderate a panel at the PRCA Measurement Conference, my attention was drawn to this TedX talk by Scott Brinker, VP of martech provider Hubspot. 

The theme of the panel is 'What does the next decade look like for Measurement in PR?' and I'm joined by Giles Peddy from Lewis, Jenny Mowat from Babel and Daniel Stauber from Facebook. 

What I found fascinating from Scott's talk was the evidence he presented on the incredible proliferation of martech software since 2011. From a base of 150 applications in 2011 when he started to track the sector to more than 7,000 today, the marketing profession has access to a dazzling array of technology. As a consequence the modern marketing department has become home to more analytics, programming  and automation than many IT departments. 

It's this seismic shift in marketing that I expect to see in the PR industry over the next ten years. I'd argue that as a profession, we've yet to embrace the democratisation of technology that is so well documented in many parts of the progressive organisation. So when we debate what's next in measurement over the next decade, I'll be focused on highlighting the need for a new intake of skills and thinking that will be qualified to use the technology now available. 

And by doing this, I suggest that we will finally apply credible science to art of public relations - a shift that will do more for the measurement debate than possibly any other development over the past ten years.