One million oranges. 170,000 kilograms, 374,786 pounds, 5,996, 573 ounces. That's approximately the amount of oranges saved by Juice For Good, a pro bono client Hotwire Australia is proud to represent.

With today's news sites flooded with doom and gloom type pieces, it's refreshing to read about a for purpose company accomplishing great things. So it's important for agencies (who have the resources in place) to be the megaphone to media for the incredible work done by social impact companies like Juice For Good. 

Here are my top three reasons why every communications agency should take on pro bono work:

  1. There's no such thing as unwanted help. Every charity, for purpose or social impact company could use the extra hand to spread the word of their work. 
  2. It's socially responsible to dedicate time, resources and expertise to companies who don't always have the means for in house or outsourced talent. 
  3. Best of all...there's nothing more fulfilling than seeing your clients' achievements and fantastic work spread across the media knowing it's in the name of such a good cause. 

In addition to Juice For Good (under the ForPurposeCo umbrella), Hotwire has a global partnership with WaterAid.

Consumers making decisions based on their values is something we'll be discussing at length at our upcoming Branding on the Brink event, held in the Hotwire Sydney office on December 3rd. You can get your free tickets here!

Orange you glad you read this Passle?