We all know consumers care less and less about brands these days. Loyalty has been thrown out the window, and best practice brand engagement needs a complete end-to-end approach to even remotely resonate with today's always-on, multi-screen buyers. 

Purpose-driven branding is changing the game, but it still begs the question of whether followers of these brands are actually emotionally connected to the brand, or just the issue that brand is tackling? 

If it's the latter, that brand could be replaced easily and quickly. 

The latest research shows emotional connection is what drives loyalty, rather than merely transactional or financial benefits. So, those stamps on your coffee card aren't why we go back to the same cafe every day (or in my case, several times a day...). Rather, it's the feeling of that cafe being a part of our lives, bringing us joy in the morning, or calm in the afternoons, and our loyalty to the staff and owners on a more personal level. 

While this all sounds progressive and, quite honestly, pretty exciting for comms and marketing professionals who are always champing at the bit to develop campaigns that go beyond promo deals to drive genuine connections, the biggest challenge this will present is in measurement

It's AMEC Measurement Month, putting meaningful measurement top of mind for the industry. We've said goodbye to AVEs and hello to CTRs and MQLs. 

Is there a new genre of measurement we need to track emotional connectivity? I'd say yes. And I'd love to see the industry partner with psychologists, behavioural experts, and more to get this right.