In the last few years, it’s been a running battle between the big two supermarkets to see who could outdo who with the latest promotional craze guaranteed to get kids obsessed with the latest bit of useless plastic and have their parents swept along for the ride. I’ll admit I’ve fallen victim myself.

After the overwhelming public outcry that followed the recent Woolworths Ooshies and Coles Little Shop promotions, a new race is on: who can trump the other in terms of improving their environmental impact and credentials, and win back the hearts and dollars of shoppers.

So far, Woolworths appears to be ahead, with its latest Discovery Garden campaign, encouraging kids to grow flowers and veggies from sprouts, and presumably transplant them into their own gardens.  

I wonder (hope?) if this will ever come back to bite 'the fresh food people' as more people take up the mantle of growing their own food at home, and end up buying less at the supermarket?

That campaign is now closely followed by the news today that Woolworths will trial a selection of reusable packaging to reduce waste. As an environmentally-conscious consumer, I can only see this as a great move in the right direction, although I would like to see them move towards that goal with the speed at which they came back from the Ooshies backlash. 

And I can’t wait to see what Coles will serve back in return! 

Could a retail war actually benefit the planet?