This year’s Festival of Marketing attracted over 4,000 ambitious marketers who attended the event to learn how to successfully shape the future together. And there was a mass of topics being discussed. This included the likes of TSB, KFC and Kodak discussing how brands react to set backs and Boots, British Gas and Vodafone talking loyalty and customer rewards.

What was most interesting for me was the discussion from Rose McGowan and then Davina McCall. Rose opened Day Two and warned marketers to consider what products they were selling and the messages they were conveying through their advertising. “Take care. Really consider what you are putting into people’s minds. Really consider the tiny details. Really consider how you bend people’s minds, [and] affect them,” she said.

And then to wrap up the event, Davina McCall was on stage with Bauer Media, Professor Green, All Call Signs and IAB. They discussed accountability in the age of trolls: social media’s role in positive messaging and empowerment. The key takeaway for the audience was that while there will be some bad actors using social media, it can also be used to help those in need. And marketers can contribute to the creation of positive messaging.

Ultimately both serve as a powerful reminder. Our industry has a strong impact on culture and society so the campaigns we create need to be carefully considered. And while we have to find ways to resolve the issues, we need to remember that we can also help deliver a valuable message as well.