Today marks the 27th anniversary of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This day encourages people across the world to stand up and take action on preventing extreme poverty. On a day that signifies the change that is yet to come, we stand with the international development organisation, WaterAid, to increase awareness of the charity and the issues faced by those who live without access to clean water, reliable toilets and basic hygiene requirements; what we condone as simple necessities.

Founded in 1981, WaterAid works across 28 countries, providing communities in the developing world with clean water, the installation of toilets and the restoration of good hygiene practice. In the last year alone, WaterAid has made huge progress, providing 1,357,000 people with clean water. However, there is further work to be done, with 785 million more still living without clean water and 2 billion in need of functioning toilets.

According to WaterAid, 1 in 10 people around the world are living without access to clean water close to their home, which is essential to health, education and financial security. Good hygiene behaviour is integral to population health and limiting the spread of disease, yet only 1% of funding for water, sanitation and health is spent on changing hygiene habits. Often something we take for granted are the basic capabilities we have to live. 

Our borderless team will work in collaboration with WaterAid globally to help communities unlock their potential, break free from poverty and change lives for good. Our goal is to create awareness through driving donations, volunteering and advocacy for the charity. Our global CEO Barbara Bates commented “We’re both determined and excited to support the charity and use the skills we hone on a day-to-day basis to give something back. Our team thrives on telling great stories that make connections and drive impact. WaterAid has an abundance of amazing stories to tell and we’re proud to be partnering with Fiona and her team to make sure the world hears them.”

As a global agency, we commemorate the International Day for Eradication of Poverty, recognising the importance of good hygiene practice, and look to incorporate it into our work, making a social transformative change with WaterAid.

Join the #EndPoverty global campaign.