With sadness I read this week that Marketing Magazine, a fine industry trade publication, is no longer going to be running in print format.

Disappointing as this is for this hard-working team, it also cannot have been a surprise. I can barely remember the last time I saw someone on public transport or in a cafe reading a physical magazine. They seem to have been hoisted to the realm of the doctor's waiting room or the hairdressers' chair.

And yet, magazine readership is ostensibly healthy, with nine of Australia’s Top 15 magazines growing their print readership in the year to March 2019.

In spite of the total overload of digital press and online content, as well as the real-time celebrity gossip proffered by Instagram and Twitter, mainstream magazines still enjoy high readership.

What about the B2B trades? What does their print future hold?

The next move will be interesting – will Marketing Magazine and others like it reinvest in bulking up their digital presence, re-directing seasonal thematic peaks or in-depth industry profiles to online instead?

Prioritising digital-only content for time-poor B2B marketers is a no-brainer, not just in terms of eliciting engagement, but also so the content is measurable and more easily shared across various channels.