It seems like every day another tech brand undergoes a rebrand that leaves them in today's land of tech sameness. You know what I'm talking about... extreme minimalism, flat design, the colorful character illustrations climbing on mobile devices. Don't get me wrong – I'm a sucker for a good minimal visual identity but when everyone relies on the same tricks, the magic disappears.

So this morning when I heard Oracle had announced a new mission statement at Oracle OpenWorld along with a new look and feel, I held my breath and dove in fully expecting to arrive in the land sameness. I was pleasantly surprised to experience something completely different. 

Beginning with their new mission statement written by Oracle's founder, Larry Ellison: "Our mission is to help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities." Wow. Zero mention of the enterprise or application suites. Simple, human, inspired. 

As we dive deeper into the visual identity itself the biggest shocker may be the slight departure from their iconic bright red and black color palette to a much warmer one. No blobby character illustrations or stock office photography here. Instead, abstract (almost primal) illustrative textures inspired by Asian, African and Aboriginal art. And while some may say they may have gone a far left in the land of abstractness, I say home run!

While Oracle's rebrand may have (thankfully) ignored every current tech B2B design trend, they fully embraced a B2B2C approach which puts the customer at the center and speaks directly to their needs and aspirations. Promising to "Unlock endless possibilities," I can't wait to see if the tech giant fully embraces their new mission or if this will remain a half-executed try.

What are your thoughts on Oracle's rebrand? Hit or miss?