Domino’s surprised us all by launching something a little bit different at a very unexpected time for a food brand. During this year's London Fashion Week, Domino’s partnered with designer Liam Hodges and released some limited-edition clothing. Called the ‘Nights In’ campaign, it’s a three piece collection which celebrates last year’s trend of duvet coats and includes “The Controller Coat”, a cape with pockets to hold a TV remote, phone and gaming controller. The premise is that people can be stylish but seriously comfortable for that series binge or for when the pizza arrives.  

So what can marketers learn from this? It’s a simple reminder. We all know that the most successful campaigns tap into an insight - something that consumers are thinking or experiencing. And this is exactly what this campaign has done. YouGov and Virgin Media released research earlier this year that showed 79% of people would prefer screen time to going out, and 69% would choose watching TV over socialising and other activities. However, the powerful element was doing something unexpected with that insight. They looked at the whole experience of staying in and watching TV rather than just focusing on their product. This allowed them to get creative and surprise consumers by bringing pizzas and fashion together. And the cherry on the cake was launching the collection at a time where the news agenda was all around fashion – London Fashion Week.

Liam Hodges on his collection, “For too long, the fashion set have laboured over what to wear out, and it’s time we paid the same respect to what we wear in. I designed this collection with those long, cold nights in mind, where all you want is a cosy night in but to still look on-trend doing it.”

Now Domino’s has created some noise, we will wait and see who buys the collection and what impact this campaign has on awareness and sales.