The truth is we live in a crazy and unpredictable world. From political turmoil to environmental disasters to workplace inequities – people and brands alike must now be prepared to address high-stakes events at any given moment. Add to this the impeding rise of automation and its transformative shift on the workforce and we are in for a rollercoaster few years ahead. 

As people look to future-proof their careers in this increasingly complex landscape, creativity has emerged as the unexpected answer. According to The World Economic Forum's list of the top skills employees need to survive in 2020, creativity was named the third most important skill next to complex problem solving and critical thinking.

Yet this is not the creativity most commonly associated with arts and crafts but rather what IDEO calls creative leadership – the ability to embrace uncertainty, persevere through ambiguity, and inspire through turbulent times. It's the human touch and intuition that no single algorithm could ever replace.

With 2020 around the corner, are you ready to flex your creativity muscles? Try out one these exercises to get started.