It doesn’t take much for me to get excited about a holiday - a TV advert showing a gorgeous beach and a cocktail usually does the trick. The new summer marketing campaign from Thomas Cook which launched at the end of July, in my opinion, will be money well spent. Getting holidaymakers excited about their upcoming holidays, the campaign hopes to restore consumer confidence, just by rolling out one simple, clever and well-timed PR and marketing plan.

A targeted campaign with a clear message, rolled out at the right time can reap hugely positive results for a business. Keeping it simple with the well-known strapline ‘This Is Thomas Cook’, the omnichannel campaign has been one, big six-week media splash at the start of the school summer holidays – with the intention of reassuring consumers about booking with them and continuing to inspire potential new customers to increase last-minute bookings during the holidays. 

Hopefully, the modest campaign and advertising push will successfully reaffirm Thomas Cook's position as a major player in a very competitive market place. Showing it understands the audience by targeting both families and adults, it has been rolled out across TV, radio (including DAX and Spotify), print, online and out-of-home to maximise reach and to be ‘front of mind’ for consumers looking to plan a trip.

Despite PR and Marketing often being seen by brands as a ‘nice to have’ and not always an essential component, PR is evidently key to ensure that brands remain visible to the consumer and that there isn’t a noticeable ‘dip’ in activity, which often results in concern for the longevity of a brand. All the more essential when it comes to a topic so important to us Brits – our hard-earned, much anticipated summer holidays!