Another piece in TechCrunch this week about Wacoal buying out Lively, a DTC lingerie brand, for $85M. Lively disrupted the lingerie and active wear industry along with others like ThirdLove and AdoreMe. The company was founded by a former Victoria's Secret executive and so its highly possible selling to a larger brand has always been the vision for exit.From a consumer perspective, my heart sinks each time I see bad-ass fledgling brands sell out. They are innovating so hard and re-imagining every aspect of what some may say are the mundane aspects of our lives, while behemoth brands stagnated and took consumers for granted. 

These new brands inspire and delight consumers creating cult followings. It seems a complete shame when their brand life is so short and we as consumers are yet to see all they can become. 

But, like any fast-growth company, they too must scale I suppose. 

On the other hand, from a brand perspective, I get excited, because the big question is, how do these brands preserve the integrity of their purpose and reason for existence in the context and halo of a bigger brand? A juicy challenge I'd love to help tackle.