I've run over five dozen brand positioning workshops and have never left a session without the brand Apple being mentioned at least once. Usually, it's something aspirational about "being more like Apple," and I cringe.This article in Inc. talks about why this brand (not company) is valued at $205B...no, it's not just about Apple's track record for innovative products, it's about "the feels." 

The positive feelings that customers have toward Apple seriously outweigh any negative feelings in a monumental way. This doesn't mean everyone loves Apple, in fact, so many people don't, but the admirable brand equity is possible because as a brand Apple is always thinking about that customer experience. Every experience and brand interaction is carefully designed to delight the customer. 

While I tend to roll my eyes when anyone says they "want to be more like Apple," I get it. This is something every brand can do if they focus on it. The question though is not "how can you be more like Apple," but rather, how are you unlocking emotional value with your customers each and every time? Do you know what that emotional value is? Now, when I can discover that with my clients, then I light up!