Is it me or is there a wind of change blowing through our industry? Are we finally setting off on an adventure that will take us to a utopian world where our industry receives the recognition and reward it deserves? Or are we going to continue to fight, bicker and chip away at the growing confidence that is palpable across the profession. 

These thoughts struck me as I sit on a Greek beach waiting for the wind to come up. They were sparked by an excellent article written by Tressa Robins from BurrellsLuce on my fave subject of measuring PR Campaigns. 

It’s worth a read, not least because it contains many sound bytes from industry leaders. I’m excited to see people like Tina McCorkingdale calling for PR professionals to once and for all get serious about proving the value of PR. It’s heartening that we seem to be coming together under the AMEC Framework and that the hard word work of  the various professional associations from around the world in advocating for higher standards is paying off.

As an industry we do amazing work. Across the profession there are a plethora of case studies that show the incredible impact of the work do. Let’s normalise this and push PR to where it needs to be as a professional service.

If we do this, then perhaps we’ll all end up with the ear worm that’s inside my head right now - that classic rock anthem: ‘Winds of Change’ by The Scorpions’.