As someone obsessed with DTC branding, and an avid user of DTC products from the likes of  Parachute, Ritual, Modern Fertility, Alto, Away, Warby Parker, Third Love, and expectations as a consumer and brand marketer have changed. The make or break of these brands has depended entirely on a tightly defined audience, even tightly articulated value proposition and fool-proof product.  And, as though that isn't enough, we are seeing these brands evolve into platforms, offering new services to grow and maintain customer loyalty. We are seeing smaller healthcare DTC brands like Him & Her turn to experience from giants like Walgreens to help them scale trust and vice-versa the giants turning to DTCs to broker much needed product innovation. Now, in my experience, platform marketing was defined by the B2B marketing playbook. The evolution of DTC marketing will inevitably transcend consumers across B2C and B2B setting new expectations for all platform marketing strategies and the chapter of this book will need to be re-written.  It will be interesting to see how large and small brands make monumental shifts in their brand & platform marketing strategies to attract, retain and maintain relevance with consumers.