Accenture released a report stating London was the second best city for marketers. One spot behind the Big Apple, the study of 10 cities around the world gave London 8.05 out of 10. Why? For being a global financial hub, the best tech start-up ecosystem in the European Union and having a strong presence of brand owners. Unsurprisingly, one concern was the uncertain future for London due to the recent political situation.

The report delves into more than just the world’s best cities for marketing. It talks through the new role of the CMO and the future of marketing. “In an age of disruption, businesses are faced with a host of new and unfamiliar challenges….And because these changes come on the back of evolving customer behaviour and needs….the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is perfectly placed to spearhead the future.” And “with technology integrated into nearly every aspect of life and the consumer purchasing decision today” many marketers in the study confirmed collaboration and alignment with IT is key. Not only that, marketers are tapping into technology to create different and bold campaigns as well as reduce cost inefficiencies, power data and analytics, and boost productivity. But how prepared to talk tech is the average CMO?

In Cannes last month, discussions focused on how to amplify creativity and productivity through technology, both in a positive and negative way, but this seems to be led by only the biggest of the big guys out there. P&G’s Marc Pritchard questioned the ability of machines to rival human creativity whereas the inaugural AI Creative Council talked about how AI will ultimately unleash that creativity. Saatchi & Saatchi even unveiled an AI-created film in the New Directors Showcase called "Will a Robot Win a Lion?"

What can everyone else learn from this? Big business is starting to reach what Accenture describes as the Post-Digital Era. This is the world where tech and digital is so pervasive that we no longer need refer to them as such. The reality is that most CMOs are still catching up with the tech wave, let alone getting ahead of it. Finding out where you’re at on your digital journey is half the battle, but the good news is, you’re not alone and if you’re reading this in London, you’re in the perfect place to get a head start.

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